Saturday, 26 April 2014

Streaky Bay

So here we are in Streaky Bay and after two and a half days at sea I can report it was an interesting passage.
Leaving Port Lincoln, we had 15 knots on the nose, with a 2.5m swell opposing, so, damn it, motoring again. Went through the first night in what I would describe as annoying conditions, yawing from side to side. Unfortunately, Mike got very sea sick during this time.
From 9pm until midnight (my watch on that particular occasion) was un eventful, but my next watch ( 6am to 9am) found me battling high winds, confused seas and a big swell. If you're not a sailor, you'll probably think I'm demented, but if you are a sailor you will know what I mean when I tell you that my watch consisted mostly of trying to stop the sails from flogging as the swell knocked us off course.....which culminated by about 8.45 am in me swearing, profusely and loudly, at said sails, which still refused to take any notice.  Being very tired, I took it personally and declared a witches curse on them.
Anyway, after a bit of a snooze, of course, conditions changed, and from about 7pm that evening until arrival at Streaky, we had little or no wind at all, glassy conditions and an absolutely stunning cabaret show of dolphins chasing small schools of fish - all illuminated in the darkness by  the bio luminescence....stunning and mesmerising.
Mikes sea sickness left him in time to enjoy the show :-)
And I have forgiven my naughty children (sails), who have promised to behave in a more fitting way next time.
All's good.
Almost home!!!

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