Thursday, 17 April 2014

In Port Lincoln

I sailed today, this morning in fact, for the first time in a real sea fog.  From a mile away, this dense cloud just kind of hovered in front of the boat, looking almost like land, and almost like a cloud resting on the water.
It was both weird and beautiful all at once.
As we progressed towards it, it enveloped us in a spooky silent shroud....I was just starting to enjoy it when i looked at our ais receiver and saw a 650ft cargo boat on a collision course with us! I read all of the ais info on the vessel, got my foghorn ready by my side, took note of the ships call sign and waited.  This continued for about an hour, then, suddenly, the fog lifted like a curtain on a stage, and in an instant, I went from shivering cold, anxious and stressed out to warm, calm and relieved as I saw the ship with my own eyes, at a distance of 1.2nm away.  I have never been so pleased to see a cargo ship! We are now safely in Port Lincoln, and will stay here until a 6 day weather window for Esperance arrives.
Before signing off, I must mention Tuesday....our amazing friends James, Ian and Gaynor Harris drove from Adelaide to Wirrina Cove, just to visit us.  Those of you who know them know just what a mission that was....we are the luckiest people alive to have friends like them and we love them to bits! On that note....night night :-)

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