Sunday, 3 November 2013

Queensland, home of the pumpkin scone

Well folks, the best laid plans, etc....the contender turned out to be a little too stout for our Hillarys pen, this plus a couple of other issues led to the cancellation of contendership for that particular vessel.
We are now in Brisbane, and have seen a few potentials, all of which faded into insignificance after we viewed today an absolute beauty which, miraculously, ticked all of our boxes, lifted our spirits and made our hearts sing.  I want to tell you all about it so much but I can't yet - not until after Wednesday next week! Agggghhhhh!
New Zealand exceeded (apart from the boat buying aspect) all our expectations - we only saw a small tip of the iceberg so to speak but my God, it was mesmerisingly gorgeous.
When my heart has stopped going pit-a-pat I will post some NZ photos.
Laters, Jx

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