Monday, 10 June 2013


Here we are in lovely Penang, after what you could say was a nightmare sail down from Rebak!  Not comparable to the bad weather we've experienced in the Pacific, but enough to make us sit up and take notice, not to mention Asterie demonstrating very clearly how non full keel boats can be a little, well, rolly.......however, she behaved like the lady she is and delivered us safe and sound into what we both agree is a fabulous marina - much smaller than Rebak, having only 40 slips, but so close to everything - we can walk to Tescos! Have made friends with a Belgian couple next door, and a Dutch couple next to them, and as they both have Amels, we've finally got to have a look inside both of them - guess what? We don't want an Amel any more! The super maramu 2000 particularly was very underwhelming, and very dark and gloomy.
I guess that leads onto.........what next?
Stay tuned :-)
Photos of us and Asterie to be posted soon.

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