Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hello from Mike and Jan in Malaysia

Well, we have given up trying to post using sailblogs - the Internet here is as we call it the InterNOT, so I shall give good old blogger another go.
Mike is of course back in Langkawi now.  We are heading to Penang this weekend, to spend a month in the Straits Marina there, partly to get away from Rebak for a while, partly simply because Penang is such FUN!
The monsoon is almost upon us, with the weather showing definite signs of change.
It's still damn hot and sticky though!
We are having a good long think about what it is we want to do next - rest assured that you, dear reader, will be amongst the first to know of any decisions we may arrive at!
I am hoping this blog site will allow me to post more frequently and show off some photos.
For now though, it's Cheerio, welcome to the new blog and keep checking back often

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