Monday, 14 July 2014


Yes I know I said I'd write again soon, and it has been a while....
We are securely tied up next to our great friends, Eaglehearts, on Q jetty, at HYC, however the Eagleheartians are not aboard until September as they are busy land-cruising right now.
It's winter here, and apart from a few of those magic, sparkly winter days that Perth does so well, the weather has been crappy, with front after front rolling through (does that sound faintly familiar??).
Personally, I am so over winter, and find myself yearning for the tropics.
It's lovely to have family and friends close by.
I've probably got itchy feet again. Mike however probably hasn't.
So who knows what the future holds?
We gave a little talk to the cruising group  on our recent adventure last week, it reminded me of A. How nasty the Southern Ocean was and B. How much I love being out there sailing (but not in the aforementioned ocean, going the wrong way at the wrong time of year!).
Ok, news as it happens will be posted and the odd snippet written as and when something exciting happens (if it ever does).
Keep yourselves nice
Ciao for Niao.

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