Wednesday, 21 May 2014

There and back, and there....again

Ok the plan was, head to Albany, but pull into Bremer Bay, should weather gods be unkind.  Full of bravado following a really easy night sail, it was decided to plod on to Albany.
About two hours later, of course, it all turned into a bucket of .....
So, we decided to shelter in a bay for a while, that didn't work, too much swell/wind etc, so we ventured out again to make Bremer Bay.
It took us the best part of all afternoon to do that :(
But, do it we did and spent a very comfortable night on a great big mooring.
This morning is much better, and we are on our way to Albany once more, with an eta of 7 tomorrow morning, ahead of the forecast front which should start to cross later that evening.
If you only knew how hard we are trying....!!!

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