Saturday, 31 August 2013

Message from the Monsooners

Hey-Ho, dear readers!
Here's the latest from The Asterians.
Since our return from Penang, a few technical issues arose, leaking head hoses and a cutlass bearing which sounded like a cat trying to escape from inside a metal dustbin with the lid firmly closed.  What a wonderful thought, the visuals that conjours up are so much fun.  Having alienated the cat loving audience I should point out that I do actually like cats – I just couldn’t eat a whole one.
So, knowing that there would be disruption, smells and probably lots of swearing, I decided to go to Perth for a couple of weeks to catch up with Peter and spend time with Hanna on her birthday.  Whilst there I was lucky enough to see a few friends, apologies to those I didnt get time to see.
I also attended the Western Mudd Rush to watch Hanna and Moss compete in a rather gruelling 9km obstacle course, which included such delights as wading through waist high ice baths, mud filled troughs, etc.  They both did very well and it looked like so much fun, I am tempted to give it a go myself one day!
Meanwhile, Mike did a sterling job, fixed everything and the boat was absolutely spotless upon my return.
In an effort to quell the rumours, it's time to 'fess up.
YES, Asterie is on the market.
NO, we are certainly not giving up cruising.
YES, we will be buying another boat.
NO, neither of us are terminally ill.
NO, we are not getting divorced.
I think that about covers all of the stories I've heard!
Suffice to say, Asterie, beautiful though she is and despite how well she sails, is not the boat for us, we are looking at one off custom NZ boats amongst others.
That's all we are saying on the subject.
Back in Rebak is a nice place to be, although we are missing the wonderful food in Penang.
We met some lovely people down there, and I've been inspired by some pretty great blogs, so my next mission will be to try and make this one a little more swish.
OK, well, thats what I am going to do once I've posted this.
Bye for now, may the force be with you
xoxoxo Jx

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