Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Asterieans Abroad

Hi from Thailand - to escape the wet and renew our Malaysian visas, we've come on a land.cruise.  We hired a car andMike very bravely made the 9+ hour drive from Penang to Patong, what a mission - rained almost the whole way! What was that about escaping the wet??
Such a culture shock coming here - one really feels a sense of foreign -ness, especially with the road signs and hoardings which are something else - the written language here looks to me that if I stood on my head, and read through a mirror, it would probably say something I could understand.
Of course, we will be heading out to all the favourite yachtie places whilst here, to check them out for next season.
Patong is...........well imagine Bali on steroids. But a bit cleaner.  But not much.  Lots to buy of course, and tonight I dined on papaya salad, Mike indulged in a little fried rice with pork and the bill came to......$4.51 Aus.  Oh yes, we had two bottles of water also.
Now we have something a little more like proper Internet here I will try to post photos....I do keep saying that, I know, but I will try.
Okeydokey dear reader - stay tuned for more!

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  1. What an adventure you two are having, sounds wonderful!! Kat


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